Kayaking: Embrace the sea and its wonders!

kayaking1If you have not ever heard about Kayaking, then let us tell you about it. It is nothing but a wonderful game brings you a lot of water related adventure. The word Kayaking actually refers to the operations of a specially designed boat, “Kayak”. The individual involved in this activity will paddle forwardly while steering his boat by doing certain maneuvers. However, it is a wonderful, thrilling and adventurous kind of activity but it requires some skills and training prior starting.

Benefits of Kayaking

When it comes to the benefits, likewise in any other outdoor activity this one also comes with great advantages for heath. In fact, it is an even more demanding and challenging activity therefore, one can expect even more manifestation. Let us discuss some of its benefits briefly.

  • This activity comes with a potential of increasing your cardio vascular health.
  • The main benefit of Kayaking is related to the muscles and bones. Moving of the paddle can help you in strengthening of back, chest, shoulders and arm muscles.
  • Kayaking also improves strength of your legs. Most of the power you require fro paddling actually comes by your legs when you apply downward pressure. Hence this activity is great for torso and legs.
  • Kayaking is a low intense activity therefore risk of joints wearing and tearing is not an issue.

General Tips for Starting Kayaking

  • Prefer joining a club, operating in your locality. Clubs are great as they provide you with all the required training, assistance and guidance.
  • Never forget to be a competitive swimmer. It is a general pre-requisite which you should fulfill before starting any kind of water sports.
  • Keep yourself restrained in peaceful low depth waters before moving on to rivers and oceans.
  • Kayaking equipment is not cheap. Therefore, it is better to go with the rule of “try before you buy”. You can consider borrowing equipment or having it on rental basis.

Never Overlook Safety

  • Remember to carry a first aid kit along with you.
  • Use reflective tape on your helmet and vessel so to become visible to others.
  • You may require distress signal devices in case of a need so remember to bring one like, orange smoke stick or red flares.
  • Always inform you family and friend about your Kayaking plans and your intended location as well.
  • You are not supposed to be at sea without having a life jacket and other life saving equipment even for an instance.

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