Mountaineering: a big activity only for those who have a big heart!

Warning! Laziness is Harmful & Damaging

As we, all know that, we are living in a realm of laziness. We want machines to do all our work, we want instrument like smart phones and laptop to socialize, we want to television to see the world. This living style is dangerous! There is not any doubt that it is injurious to our health. Even, psychology each year anxiety and depression is making thousands of individuals a victim. We are not saying all this to threaten you or to frighten you. We just want to tell you are that, it is time to think about starting an interesting outdoor activity.

What is the solution?

It is quite simple. Only an activity can beat the laziness. What do you think about an outdoor activity? You home activities will, promote your laziness only. At home, you cannot perform any kind of physical activity persistently and properly because of the distraction elements like, you are pet, your television, smart-phone and internet. Therefore, an outdoor activity can really be a good choice. Luckily, you do not need to spend a lot of money to carry out these activities. Today we have chosen, Mountaineering to discuss more about.

Mountaineering (Climbing Mountains)

Mountaineering is the term that is used for an outdoor hobby that revolves around mountains and climbing over them. It is a wonderful hobby with a lot of thrill, adventures, pride and physical activity. There are several benefits of climbing mountains. As a physical exercise, it’s great to give whole of your body a thorough workout. With relation to the psychology and mind, it also plays a very important role. Let us discuss about Mountaineering’s benefits briefly.

Physical Benefits

  • An intense exercise takes your body beyond its limits.
  • Mountaineering offers all your muscles a thorough workout. Especially the muscles of your arms and shoulders.
  • All vital organs of your body gets engaged, including the heart and lungs.
  • Mountaineering requires an individual to carry heavy loads. This promotes the tendency of facing hardships.
  • This intensive exercise expatiates the process of excessive fats burning.

Mental or Psychological

  • Mountaineering is a great exercise that teaches you to face fears.
  • The hardships an individual faces in mountaineering promotes positive emotions like gratitude.
  • This outdoor activity teaches you to take control of situation and making right decisions.
  • Each mountain you climb increase you in self-confidence and it also gives you a feeling of fullness or completeness.
  • Setting a goal and then achieving it after extreme hardship will make you feel proud of yourself.

Socialization Benefits

  • Mountaineering is a sport which is generally played in groups, so it provides you to get in contact with likeminded people.
  • It is something that promotes and polishes your tendency to perform well with team.
  • Spending time out with other people will provide you with a chance to make many new and great friends.
  • A mountaineer becomes a renowned person for his braveness.

How to Start Mountaineering

Mountaineering is not a ready to go kind of sport or activity. It requires you to prepare yourself properly first before a fully-fledged involvement. Foremost important thing necessary to be able to take part in this wonderful and trilling activity is to develop your stamina. Luckily, there are several firms working in this regard to pave your way. These firms provide their clients with all the required onsite and offsite training.

Safety considerations

Remember that mountaineering is a wonderful outdoor activity but a lot of physical activity is involved in it. You should never try to climb even a small mountain without proper planning and training. We all know about the risks involves in mountaineering. Foremost to mention is the risk of falling from height. Then there are some other kind of risks like, dehydration incase if your water supply ends before your return to ground. Height phobia and sickness is also an issue. Therefore, with having so many risks and hazards involved we cannot suggest you to start mountaineering before receiving the training.

What kind of equipment you need?

As we all know that, mountaineering`s nature is a bit different. Therefore, usually you require arranging a lot of equipment. You can find more details on any website designed specifically about mountaineering. However what we can tell you is that, you will require to invest on, climbing equipment like ropes and pulleys, safety equipments like helmet, gloves and goggles, especial clothing like, fleece jacket, fleece paint and vast a first aid box and other auxiliaries like, torch, match box and relevant maps etc

Before You Start

We all think that we are healthy. However, consulting with a doctor prior to getting indulged in such a harsh exercise is not a bad idea. Therefore, you are recommended to see your doctor and inform him about you plans of starting mountaineering. Then he will do some checks, and would tell you if you are fit enough to start climbing or what should you do to be able to fit for mountaineering.


In the light of facts mentioned above, we can say that mountaineering is a wonderful sport and outdoor activity with some great physical, mental and social benefits. However, as we all know about the greater risk factor that it carries. Therefore, it is better to start this activity through proper channel only.

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