Baseball is better on ground than television & Playstation!

When did you participated last time?

Think about past few days carefully and ask yourself how you spent your free time, other than wasting time with:

  • Laptop
  • Internet
  • Television
  • Tablet PC
  • play station
  • smart phone

You would get astonished that you have not participated in any physical activity. You preferred one or multiple gadgets mentioned above to utilize whatever free time you got. Don’t you believe that, all these things have stolen your life? Are you giving your family and loved ones the time, care and attention that they deserve from you? In most cases the answer would be nothing else than a big no. do not worry, you still have a chance. Nothing has been over yet.

Time to say Goodbye “Laziness”

As we, all know that, today laziness has become our biggest enemy. Visit hospitals and you would be surprised to see relatively young people in the cardio wards. In addition to the physical troubles people are suffering from, psychological illnesses like, anxiety, melancholia and depression too just because of having a poor and unhealthy life style. Therefore, today we invite you to say it Goodbye. We invite you to replace this bad habit with wonderful outdoor activities.

What is the solution?

If you are among those who believe that, internet based stuff is the only option remaining for some recreation than you are wrong! We have great news for you. We are going to tell you about outdoor activities, which are potent enough to make your body release happiness hormones. You are not going to fall short of serotonin and dopamine, believe us! In addition, the additional benefit of having a healthy life is just like a bonus.

Outdoor Activity of the day: Baseball

Who don’t know about the baseball? It is one of the most popular games being played in America. In fact, almost everyone likes to watch it through his or her television screens and sometime live in the stadium too. It is great that you are taking interest in a game! However, actually and physically participating in it is going to be a practically beneficial thing as well.

Playing baseball is not just only good for having some fun time. However, it comes with several physical and mental health advantages too. let us discuss about them briefly.

Physical health benefits

  • Exposure to sunlight eliminates a risk of Vitamin D deficiency.
  • There is a lot of running involved which is good for heart and lungs.
  • Throwing the ball from long distances helps in developing muscles.
  • It keeps you thinking about different things, which is good for mental health.

Mental Health benefits

  • Playing baseball requires a high level of concentration which provides a good workout to your mind.
  • It’s a dynamic kind of game so your mind keeps thinking about different possibilities and solutions.
  • Winning a game, comes with a huge deal of pride and confidence.
  • Losing a game, prepares you to face the realities of life as they are. After all you can’t be on winning side always.
  • It provides you with leadership training when you captain a side.

Social Benefits

  • Baseball is always played with a team, hence you get a chance to come closer with others.
  • Its provides you with an opportunity to make new friends.
  • It promotes your abilities to perform well in a team.

What are the requirements?

Likewise many other outdoor activities you do not require many things to start. If you are still enrolled in an institution like a college or school, then just inform your sports lead that you are interested in playing baseball. In most cases, institutions provide their players with all the necessary stuff. However, if you are not a student and want to start playing, then look for a nearby coaching academy. They will guide you with all the necessary requirements. In fact, a very well organized system is available to promote this game.


As we have mentioned in the start, you should consider in participating a physical activity now. There are several kinds of outdoor activities available like, cycling, jogging etc. Baseball is also one of the healthiest activity in which you can participate easily. What all you require is strong determination. After all, when there is a will there is way! We wish you best of luck for this mission.

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