Swim like a fish to Live like a Lion

Why Outdoor Activities are great?

In this modem age, people are really lacking in physical activities. A combination of smart modern devices and internet has made every one`s life limited that revolves around fewer things. In addition to this is the social media. To minimize the evil effects of technology and digitalization, Outdoor Activities are great. In fact, there are several benefits related with them. Following are some of the greatest benefits, which come with such activities:

  • Outdoor activities are cheapest source of recreation.
  • They promotes physical and mental health.
  • They give us a chance to come closer to our family.
  • Outdoor activities can help in keeping us away from bad habits.
  • Provides your body and mind that break which they need.
  • Helps you in mitigating with your stress.

Luckily, we do not need much money and resources to enjoy these kinds of activities. Let us talk about one of the best outdoor activities, known as swimming!Swimming

Swimming is a great recreational activity and a good exercise too. People from all age groups can enjoy this activity, especially in summers as it provides you with a soothing and relaxing effect too. You can chose among various different styles according to your existing health and physical requirement. Following are the four most basic kinds of recreational swimming:

  • Freestyle.
  • Sidestroke.
  • Backstroke.
  • Breaststroke.

Health Benefits of Swimming

As we have mentioned swimming is a good exercise. In fact, some experts suggest that it provides our body with a comprehensive work out. Swimming in water is much different that doing exercise on ground, as water resists our movements much more than that of air. This resistance actually requires us to put more effort and hence we get a tougher workout in this way. There are many health benefits of swimming like:

Cardiac Health

Likewise in jogging, our heart races fast during swimming as well. This helps in the strengthening of heart muscles and heart itself. As it involves hard work, thus it burns a lot excessive calories. In addition to the Cardiac health, Swimming is also known as its properties to reduce the risk of diabetes in swimmers as it helps in the reduction of weight too.

Lungs Health

Swimming is an aerobic exercise. Which means that your lungs receive too much air and fresh oxygen the body`s demand increases. Throughout the time we swim, our lungs remain under an ongoing exercise, which in fact helps it in remaining healthy.

Vitamin D

Swimming usually is carried out in open to atmosphere pools. There by coming in direct contact with the sun light you actually increase the chance of getting adequate vitamin D.

Comprehensive Workout

It is a complete exercise at it involves almost each part of our body. In fact whole of our legs, arms and back muscles receive a comprehensive workout. Not only is this but it also keeps our muscles in a good tone.

Mental & Social benefits

Usually community amenities and pools facilitate the nearby public with a swimming facility. Everyone can manage to have a pool in its home. In this way, this wonderful outdoor activity also provides us a chance to socialize with people who live around us. In addition to the social benefits, there are some wonderful benefits of this exercise too.

Swimming can save lives

Swimming is not only a recreational activity but an art too, that can lead you to save yours or someone else`s life in case of a disaster. As we have mentioned above, swimming can provide your body with a mild to vigorous exercise and following are its benefits to health;

What all you need to start?

Luckily, swimming is not an expensive activity, as it requires nothing but a swimming suit and a pair of goggles. Hence, you can start with this activity whenever you want. Community owned pools, will charge you a nominal annual fee too.


On basis of the facts mentioned above, we can truly state that swimming is a wonderful and beneficial activity. It does not only improve your physical health but the mental health as well. Another great thing about this activity is its wide availability and on a low cost.

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