Camping, means A few Tension free Days with family


We living in an age of the internet that has made our life so restricted. The activities that we used to enjoy in the past are no more a part of our life now. Think about shopping, that remained a fun for everyone. However now we can get each thing delivered right on our doorsteps. Now doubt our life is more comfortable now, but we have developed an unhealthy behavior too. Today, the outdoor activities are even more necessary than the past. These activities keep us healthy and fresh. There are more advantages of outdoor activities like:


  • Outdoor activities are great to keep our health at its best.
  • Problem related with laziness and restricted activities like overweight and obesity can be avoided.
  • Outdoor activities are a great way to keep ourselves away from so called recreational bad habits like, weeding and drinking.

Family Bonding

  • Outdoor activities is a great way to strengthen family bondage.
  • You can come closer with your kids to understand them better.
  • Spending some quality time with your family is wonderful.
  • They are great for a better socialization as well.

An introduction to Camping

Camping is one of the most adventurous and amazing outdoor activities that we can consider. It provides us with a chance to spend some time out in the national environment far away from the tensions of life. Camping is actually a family based activity that provides happiness and joy to each member of your family. There are many possible things that you can do to make your camping experience truly an unforgettable one. Fortunately, everything required for this activity is available in market and it does not cost much. Following are some more details.

Benefits of Camping

  • It provides you with some mild physical exercise.
  • Spending some time in natural environment is great to calm your mind and have a near approach about life.
  • Psychologically camping is a great way, as it will provide your with a chance to forget your tensions.
  • Camping gives you a chance to speak your creativity out.
  • For your kids it can be a great learning experience.
  • It promotes positive emotions like gratitude.
  • To strengthen the bond between your family nothing is greater than camping.

Best Locations for Camping

Fortunately, we have many possibilities. You can choose one of many locations after a discussion with your family. In general, people used to chose a campsite built in or around:

  • Forests.
  • Deserts.
  • Hill stations.
  • Rivers and Bays.

So it’s all up to you and you can chose a campsite according to your budget and interests. Luckily, there are many developed campsites avail with all necessities. To learn more about the camping sites nearby you, visit your state`s tourism department`s website.

Requirements for Camping

When it comes about camping, the requirements really differ from person to person. However, you should carry with you a few general things like:

  • Shelter: this is the main thing. Carry your tents with yourself along with all the fixtures. Don’t forget the necessary tools like axe and hammer.
  • Bedding: to keep your camping experiences a comfortable sleeping bad. Air mattress is also a good choice but, it comes with a chance of damage so keep a repair kit and air pump too.
  • Cooking: this is something important. Keep everything that you need to cook your food like utensils, a gas stove and plenty of water.
  • Others: you can carry things to increase your comfort level. However keep the most necessary things only. After all that’s not your home, and you want to get a new experience of a different life.

Things to Remember

Moving outside from home to live in a remote location no doubt is adventurous and thrilling. However, plan your activity carefully to keep it a fun. You should several things in mind while planning and leaving for camping like:

  • A first aid box with all the necessary supplies.
  • If you or any other family member is on medication than don’t forget to carry them.
  • Always remember to check the weather forecast. Do not prefer camping in harsh climatic conditions.
  • You should have at least one spare phone as an instrument for communication in case of an emergency.
  • Prefer camping at officially declared campsites only, especially in case of forests.
  • If your kids are too young then it is better to look for activities other than camping.
  • Always keep safety equipment like, a fire extinguisher with you.


Camping is a wonderful outdoor activity that comes with a lot of thrill, adventure and joy. However, you should plant this event very careful while keeping an eye on climatic conditions, your budget and the health conditions of everyone who is in your family. It is not recommended to carry a lot of stuff, as to keep your activity a natural one. Do not think about camping in the non-notified areas especially nearby forests and bays.

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