Jogging is right for enhancing one`s might!


The act of running at a steady speed on routine basis is called jogging. It is one of the most common and popular form of aerobic exercises we see in today`s world. Jogging if done correctly comes with some wonderful health benefits. Let us discover more about it so, to have a better understanding.Benefits of Jogging

As we have mentioned above, right jogging comes with certain health benefits. In the light of conclusions drawn by several researches and studies, jogging puts a very pleasant impact on body and brain too. It also helps in developing a positive behavior, which may lead to other benefits like giving up of bad habits. Following are a few physical health benefits of jogging while we will discuss about the psychological advantages later.

Physical Health Benefits

Prevents Hypertension

Enough scientific evidence is available to support this statement. Jogging helps you in keeping your blood pressure levels normal. It is an aerobic exercise with great benefits for complete cardiovascular system.

Helps in Controlling weight

We all know that obesity is not good for our health. In fact it no less than a disease and increases the risk factor of several other diseases. A habit of jogging could keep your away from obesity as it burns excessive calories.

Strengthens Muscles

It is another obvious health benefit of jogging. When we jog a large number of our muscles like, gluteus, hamstrings and calf muscles gets a thorough workout.

Psychological Health Benefits

A great antidepressant

Depression is one of the most common psychological disorders, and it is something bad. The act of jogging can be helpful as it triggers, release of happiness hormone called “endorphin”. This hormone keeps us away from falling into a depressive state.

Controls Stress Level

Everyone faces certain kind of stress in his life. However mitigating your stress level is an important thing. Jogging, especially in early hours has a proven impact against stress. Moreover, it helps you to coup with the stressful situations in a better way.

Alleviates anxiety Levels

Who do not knows about the anxiety disorders? It is a condition quite capable of ruining ones happy life. However, the good news is that we can curtail our anxiety levels by investing a few minutes on an exercise like jogging.

It is better to get pre-examined

If done correctly, there are no risks associated with the jogging. However, likewise any other physical activity excessive jogging and running comes with certain risks for people dealing with diseases and illness. Therefore, we would suggest that you should keep your doctor in loop if any point of the following is true:

  • You have a chronic illness.
  • Your are a cardiac patient.
  • If your age lies somewhere in the middle of 4o`s.
  • You never have had participated in any physical activity.
  • You are on a certain kind of medication.
  • You had have undergone through a orthopedic surgery.

The points that we have mentioned above, does not means that you cannot go out for a jogging ever. However, it is always good to seek a doctor for expert opinion before starting something new. In fact, in this way you can fully enjoy the mental and physical health benefits of jogging.

What all you need to start jog?

Luckily, you do not need too many things to get started. However, you should keep following things under consideration:

Appropriate clothes

No doubt tracksuits are great but if you do not have one then consider anything lose and comfortable.


This is the most important thing as it is about your safety. Do not go away with random, casual or any other kind of shoes. Invest in a pair especially designed for nothing but jogging.

Other equipment

If you are going to jog outside then there is not any other thing required. However, if you want to keep it within the boundary limits than you will have to invest in a machine.

A Few Tips for Beginners

Your decision to start jog will prove itself as one of the best. Now after you have decided the right thing, you should execute it in a right way. Following are a few tips that can help you in this quest!

  • Try not to drop out a single day in earlier stages.
  • Start with brisk walking with some brief running intervals.
  • Don’t forget warming up and stretching of your body before going outside.
  • It is always good to do it with a partner. Check for your friends and team up with someone interested too.
  • Keep a diary of your running and maintain it daily.
  • Assign yourself with short term small goals.
  • Switch between different routes to keep you curiosity level intact.


Undoubtedly jogging is a wonderful exercise, capable of giving your life a new course. When it comes about physical and psychological health, there is nothing as effective as jogging. By doing it correctly and following a correct plan, you can reap maximum benefits as a return. However, excessive jogging and just random kind of non-routine running will not help.

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